ELIME Intrusion Soundtrack

Cheers! This is ELIME’s first soundtrack release. We first want to thank YOU, the listener, reader, for checking us out. Then we want to thank the amazing Pompey Productions for executive producing this compilation and helping gather a strong suit of artist from the South Carolina area.

This soundtrack speaks volume of the hidden gems located under the radar of America’s favorite small town according to Southern Living Magazine. The compilation of artist and sounds produced for this record reflect the mind of protagonist, Louie in Intrusion.

Rapper Truzy brings the ‘real life’ energy of a young mans ambition. Mirlo stepping in on the second verse of ‘Boyz in the Hood’ bringing a voice to the youth coming from a small town that fits every ‘small southern town’ stereotype. The money mindset every millennial carries with them. Not to forget the sore thumb banger produced by zgo, the German producer getting the party started with ‘Hey Now’ an infectious ode to modern house music with a drive that will have you playing on repeat.

Klutch tha Game Shifta rides smooth on the driving track ‘Money’ joined by none other than the Executive Producer himself, Pompey. Eli’s lead single “You Don’t Know Me” is the anthem of the underdog you took for granted. The best take away from this track, be nice to the weird kids that don’t fit in. 😉 Mirlo completes the compilation with the r&b ballad ‘I’m not Sorry’ a song that may ring a bell with all but a few people.

If you were to take away any thoughts after listening to the soundtrack and watching Intrusion, what do you think?

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