Intrusion | film analysis

Louis has a bright future, but needs a way out of his circumstances. His mother and sister are the only close family near by. Life around him is mundane and full of unwanted trouble from Jody and his crew.

Intrusion is a short film that is truly reflected in its definition.  In every situation that Louie faces, there is an unwelcoming and uninvited component echoed in his frustration, confusion, and turmoil. Bombarded with the inability to escape these realities both intrinsically and extrinsically, Louie searches to find some type of comfort in his thoughts, talents, and identity. However, his attempts fall short within his real-life story.

In the beginning, if the viewer isn’t paying close attention to dialogue, a very important detail can be overlooked. The beginning of the film foreshadows Louie’s philosophy on life. While grocery shopping with his mother, she states that she would rather be safe than sorry. Though that may seem like a very insignificant detail in the overall picture, throughout the film Louie lives in his “better safe than sorry” fantasy world through avoidance. It is a concept that is intertwined throughout the storyline. Numerous times the viewer sees Louie utilizing his avoidance tactic as a false sense of security. He attempts to avoid the local neighborhood gang, his sister, his own personal insecurities, and the conversation with his mother about Mr. Suave.

From a psychological viewpoint, Louie suffers from a form of Dissociative Disorder. He deals with his situations by developing a blurred sense of reality within himself. The truth about his world is that his imaginary lover doesn’t exist, and he has problems that won’t go away unless he meets them head on.  Escaping his life through his art, taking care of his mom, and having conversations with his imaginary lover helps him to keep his sanity which is something he has to work on every day. Unfortunately, those comforts are slowly becoming less and less secure in their protection. Louie knows that eventually he must face these issues  because they are rapidly coming closer to home. Jody and his crew rapes Louie’s sister, badgers him, and eventually breaks into his home. His mother consistently asks him about Mr. Suave, so Louie has this added pressure of deciding  whether or not he has the courage to let his fantasy lover go or tell his mother the truth. These problems approach his doorstep and leave him with no where to go.

At the conclusion of the movie, Louie faces a physical intrusion of his home,  symbolizing the many mental intrusions he faces throughout the film. This intrusion  marks his breaking point, the final straw, and the end of avoidance. In this final showdown, he shows that he is no longer willing to accept defeat. He shows that he is finally willing to face his difficulties, and it is then that his imaginary friend leaves the scene. Finding the courage to defend everything he stands for, he is at last liberated and overcomes the obstacles that have held him in his personal imprisonment.  

This film is a must see for those who feel that they need to retreat within themselves for liberation from a world that always seems against them. Louie becomes the personification of freedom and courage. In the end, Louie  frees himself when he realizes he does possess the power to face and control the realities of his own life.  Intrusion…beautifully crafted and well executed!

-Chashawna “ThePenMagician” Wesby

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