Springtime Bliss

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Births and birthdays.
Romance and new beginnings.
Spring is a thing that brings this all,
a rebirth after Winter and Fall,
it's bliss,
the sunshine, rain and winds,
like a soft butterfly kiss,
it tickles your senses.
A shiver followed by a warm glow,
with beauty that shines,
when you're feeling low.
A dance in the rain,
with fairies at your feet,
and songbirds above you,
singing the song you dance to,
that's oh so sweet.
A pitter patter, a splash,
that lights up the sky in a flash,
as you dash,
to the comfort of your window pane,
from within,
pulling out a favorite book,
with some tea,
and listen to the howling wind.
Spring has come again,
to bless you with new grace and life,
a warm, breezy, and colorful friend.

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