Drive Thru Safari: Eudora Farms

ELIME team members went to the official ribbon cutting and opening of Eudora Farms. This magic safari is right in the heart of Salley, South Carolina. Home of many exotic animals such as a giraffe, alpacas, camels, lemurs, highlanders, zebras, baboons, and many many more. During the year the farm carries a mobile petting zoo throughout the United States for festivals and organizations.

Driving through Salley, in what seems like a blink of an eye, you are not sure where it began or ends other than a ‘welcome’ sign made in the late 80’s. You would think you were set up on some digital type of hoax. A view of farmland, trees, and many closed businesses, no doubt due to covid-19, makes this small town appear lifeless. Getting back in touch with mother nature is important now more than ever for our physical and mental well-being. You can truly realize these feelings at Eudora Farms by hanging out with these exotic herbivore animals that usually you could only see at your regional zoo. The Safari excursion is no longer just in Africa. South Carolina now has a wildlife paradise Safari all of its own.

Mark, the man behind South Carolina’s paradise, has been in the exotic animal business for over 30 years. Like so many others affected by the pandemic, Mark had shut down his business. Still, he found strength and faith with support from family as well as a supportive team to help him bring the audience to the Safari. Currently he is rerouting the landscape and even though under construction, the Safari is remains open during these fall and winter months. The income from visitors is giving him the opportunity to expand his vision.

The Safari is a drive through experience, almost like driving through a time warp. No matter where you are coming from you are on a long stretch of country road, with a very low phone signal and a what seems like a mirage of a car or two in the distance. Then a sudden turn down a dirt road with picketed signs directing you. A slow and bumpy trail unveils a place of magic.

If you are looking for a little serenity, this is the perfect day trip with family and friends. The staff are very friendly and wave you in the direction of the drive thru. After paying your ride through fee, the staff points you on your way while handing all passengers a few buckets of feed. When available you can park to participate in activities like the seasonal fall pumpkin patch, making this trip even more fun and interesting. One of the most awesome things that can happen is when a giant friendly head comes poking its head in your window to say ‘Hi where’s the snacks!?’ Once you experience this Safari we promise that you will want to make a return visit!

The family will remember this is a trip of a lifetime for amazing interactions with the animals, awesome selfies, good laughs, and fun times with loved ones.

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