A girl, with dirty old shoes,
a pair of sneakers to tell her story,
her failed attempts at life,
and her hidden glory.
To walk a mile in her shoes,
would never do her justice.
This action wouldn’t compare,
in fact, it’d be loveless.
A mile is nothing but,
but this life is something,
something not to be ignored.
All she does is try,
she tries to be adored,
but she trips and she falls,
as she walks out the door.
She has walked her entire life,
she’s never stopped,
cause if she tries to stop,
the pain gets worse, it all sets in.
The hurt, the long bumpy road,
so she never stops, she just keeps going…
in the same old shoes she’s been in, her whole life.
Too afraid to step out of them,
they’re comfortable,
they’re worn,
slightly torn…familiar.

Along her path,
she’s gone up hill and down,
she’s met the good and the bad.
A few times she thought,
thought of taking these old shoes off,
putting a new pair on,
walking a new path,
but fear of change has stopped her,
and when she continues,
to take wrong paths,
it only confirms how she feels.
So she’ll continue to wear them out,
until she can’t walk any longer,
and this continues, constantly,
until her feet are black and blue,
this continues…

“I’ve been walking for a very long time now….” sniffle, “I don’t know any other life.”
“You would know if you took those old, dirty looking shoes off. How are you supposed to get anywhere meaningful with those things?”
“They’re comfortable,” she shrugs, “they’re worn, and slightly torn, and, familiar. I like familiar; in my life, things always change.”
“Well sweetheart, I’m afraid that’s life, things change.”
“But why can’t things change for the better?”
“Because you won’t allow them to. Simple as that.”
“What do you mean? I don’t understand.”
“I mean all you do is expect the worse, instead of the best, and you’re ungrateful for the things you do have.”

“Well I have been expecting good things to happen to me, and they never do! And me ungrateful? Just what am I supposed to be grateful for? Look at me…”
“That’s the attitude I’m talking about right there, you have plenty to be grateful for and you don’t even know it, nothing good will happen until you’re in the position for something good to happen. Put yourself there.”
“I still just don’t understand.”
“That’s okay, you will someday I’m sure.”
“Why can’t you explain it to me?”
“You wouldn’t understand if I just explained it to you, you’ll just have to learn for yourself.”

“Wait, where are you going?”
“Gonna go roam around for a bit, look for some food, maybe go give advise to another lost soul, haha.”
“Can I go with you?”
“Of course not, you could never get around the way I do or crawl into tight spaces. You’d just drag me down.”
“Look, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so harsh, but it’s true, our paths are different in our daily lives.”
“Hey,” she pauses, “I know things aren’t so great, but they will get better, if you allow them to, like I said before. You only have one life and I know you’re trying to make it right, but all the more reason to try harder. You may only have one life, but at least in that life, you can do anything you want, me on the other hand, I have nine lives but in each one I’m a cat; and though I can take different paths and see different things, I’m still just a cat, and we’re limited to how we spend our lives. Just remember that. Don’t waste the life you have.”

The actions you take,
is the life you make,
be it based in love or hate.
This is what you create,
choose what you think,
choose what you do,
choose very wisely, this life.
You don’t have one, but two,
the life you have,
and the life you should have.
What’s done is in the past,
so leave it there,
believe me,
it’s not going anywhere,
but you should be.
So look around,
get your feet on the ground.
Only once you’re lost,
are you that much easier to be found,
a hard concept to grasp, I know,
but in time you will see.
Take it easy,
don’t move too fast,
as you choose wisely,
the next steps on your path.

“Have you given any thought to what I’ve said?”
“About what?”
“You don’t remember what I’ve told you? Do you not listen to me?”
“No, no, I do, but, well, I see what you’re saying, but that doesn’t apply to me.”
“How so?”
“Because I’m stuck, I can’t fix this.”
“Why do you think that?”
“I don’t think that, I know that. I’ve tried to get out of these woods, out of this darkness….but something has always stopped me, what am I to do?”
“Well what are these obstacles that keep stopping you?”
“There’s lots of things…lot’s of things….
There’s the heavy rain, I get drenched and it’s freezing, it creates the worst mud that I can’t seem to get out of.
Then the wind blows, really hard, and it pushes me down, along with the howling in it.
Next, I think I finally see some light through the thick woods, and immediately the sun sets and I’m surrounded and trapped by darkness, with only a small fire keeping me company, then I realize that there are many things in the dark that I’m afraid of.
But I also sometimes feel like everything is waiting for me to change and get through, but I don’t, and they’re mad or disappointed, I don’t know….are you disappointed in me?”

“No, I believe in you, I just think you need to learn not to let any of this stop you.”
“But how?”
“I think you’ll have to accept these fears and downfalls, they’re real, but I mean, so what? Those things will always be there, and will continue to be. You have to look them in the eye and say, you’re not going to hold me here, or you’re not holding me here, and then push through.”
“I want to do that! But it’s hard…”
“No one said it would be easy, in fact, it will be one of the hardest things to do, you’ll have to find something, deep inside that will give you the strength to push forward.”
“Like what?”
“That, my dear, is for you to find out. If I knew, and could explain it to you then how would you learn?”
“What if I get hurt trying to get out? Or get hurt once I’m out?”
“Would you rather stay here forever then?”
“No, I don’t, it’s just,”
“It’s just another fear you’ll have to face.”
“I hope I can find my strength soon, sometimes I feel like I might run out of time.”
“All the more reason to get to it.”
“Well, I don’t have a watch but I sit quietly listening to my heart beat and it reminds me of a clock ticking. When I hear it beat, it tells me how much time I have, and I get nervous, wondering if it’s too late, or is it almost too late?”
“Your heart beating is a sign that you’re still alive, and well, as long as you’re alive sweetheart, it’s never too late.”

Tick, tick, tick,
as long as you’re alive,
is it ever too late?
How does your world become blue,
when it’s always been gray?
When the grass has been brown,
how does it become green?
How do you find comfort and love,
where pain and hate once lived?
The warmth, after the cold?
Blurry, to clear?
Too far away,
when you once near?
Find happiness,
when you’ve been sad?
Find peace,
when you once had fear?
When anger is all around you,
can you still find a way to be calm?
When life pulls you down,
will you ever be bale to get back up?
Is it ever too late,
to change, rearrange,
and begin again,
to start all over?

As long as you’re alive,
no matter how many times you’ve cried,
it is never too late.

Listen closely to your heart, be wise and don’t let it guide you without your head being involved, but, always let it remind you that you’re still alive.

“Find your strength… but how? Where?… I guess I will walk until I figure it out…and walk, and walk…
Ugh, what am I going to do?!”

“Huh, what’s that? A flower?”

“It’s beautiful! I haven’t seen anything this beautiful in so long, not here.”

“Oh no! It’s wilting, what should I do?
Um, sunlight! Yes, but how do I get sunlight to it here?
I have to move it to a place with sunlight. I have to find it, oh, and good soil.
Oh no, where do I start? I have to think quickly…”

“This is useless! I’ve tried over and over to find sunlight, how will I just up and find it now?
I’m determined to find a way out! That flower needs me to, if I just had a little guidance…
Well, I have to keep going.”

If only the wind would slow down and the rain would stop and the voices and darkness would go away…


“Alright, you can do this, you already have. The beauty, the sunlight, the life, it’s all around you, it’s always been there, you just have to open your eyes and it’s there.” …

“Could it be…light?”
Oh, wow. Everything, is so beautiful, and full of life…and light. I can’t believe I made it here, after all this time; and all the flowers…flowers! Okay, focus, it looks like there is plenty of of soil, sunlight and good, clean water. Ow! My feet! These shoes, they won’t carry me on this road, and what about when I go back? I have to hurry, I guess I have to tough it out. Ow! This road is so rough. I need to go back and still be able to walk this bumpy path, I need to figure something out. Ow!
Shoes?… Are those shoes?
Oh! Oh, thank you! These will get me where I need to be!
I need to go back now and get my flower before it wilts.”

And so,
when it’s time to go,
somehow you’ll just know,
this is it,
it’s time.
Get up,
go on and shine,
you don’t know,
how things will be,
until you try,
and no matter what,
a part of you is now free.
Just took a little push,
motivation, inspiration,
a will,
something to give you, determination,
and so the journey begins,
just believe you can win,
and hang in there.

“Alright, this looks like a good spot.”
“So look at you, you took my advise and finally found a way out.”
“I did! Are you proud?”
“I am, what made you find the light?”
“I just kept pushing, I got through my fears and went on, I had to, this flower needed nutrients to survive and there wasn’t any on that path.”
“Ah, you found a reason to be persistent, something relied on you and you had to take care of it.”
“Yeah…I guess I did, I love this flower and I couldn’t let it wilt, if it wasn’t for the flower, I wouldn’t have been so determined.”
“See that’s all you needed, was a purpose. It gave you the strength.”
“That’s what you meant, huh?”
“Yup, sure did.”
“Well, now that I’m here, I need to help get this flower healthy again.”
“Do you know how?”
“Um, not really, but I do know that flowers need sun, water and good soil, I got all that here. I’ll just dig a deep enough hole for it’s roots and place it here.”
“Well, it’s in the ground but it won’t stand, it just keeps falling over, oh and all of it’s petals keep falling off, it barely has any left.”
“It does look like it’s in really rough shape.”
“What do you think I should do?”
“I wish I could tell you but I don’t know the first thing about plants.”
“I have to figure something out, it doesn’t have long.”
“Why don’t you look around for help?”
“No, I came all this way, and I brought it here; I need to figure this out on my own.”
“It’s okay to ask for help, like you said, you came all this way, you did good, but this flower needs something now, it definitely won’t hurt to look around at least.”
“Yes, this whole world is formed with a little help, it is always okay to ask for help.”
“Well do you know anything about plants?”
“I wish I did, but I’m afraid not, you’ll have to ask someone else.”
“You really think I’ll find someone around here?”
“Of course! This place is full of life, there’s bound to be someone here.”
“Good luck with your search kid, it’s time I get going again, I’m starved.”
“Hello?! Hello, is anyone around here?! I need help! Anyone….?
Oh, this is useless, my poor flower.”

“Hello there!”
“A person?”
“Was that you shouting?”
“Yeah! Yes, yes it was.”
“Well, what’s going on?”
“I need, um, help, it’s this flower I have. It’s dying and I’m not sure how to fix it, do you know anything about plants?”
“Well I should think so, I am, after all, taking care of this garden; I’m the gardener.”
“Oh! Really? That’s wonderful!”
“So what kind of flower is it?”
“Um, I’m not sure, it’s beautiful though, and purple!”
“Haha, okay then, bring me to it.”
“Here it is…”
“Ah, I see, yup. She’s in rough shape. Not to worry though, she’ll be up and about with some good love and care. Let me just tie this twig and string to her.” (picks up a stick and a string and ties it to the flower)
“You got a blue Grecian Windflower here, these are fine flowers, you know they represent anticipation, and sometimes luck.”
“Oh, really? How neat.”
“Yes, it is pretty neat, but they can also represent fading hope, a feeling of being forsaken.”
“Yeah, interesting you’re trying to bring it back to life. Tell me, where did you bring it from?”
“Well, you see, wait, how did you know I brought it from somewhere?”
“Because I take care of this garden, these aren’t over here on this side, mine aren’t dying, and I don’t think you’ve been around here before.”
“Oh, yes that’s true.”
“I’ve been on a very dark road that’s not very full of life, I found this flower there, and I had to find a place where it could grow.”

“Hmm, well something tells me that you’ve had little fading hope and a feeling of being forsaken as well, maybe that’s why you were on such a dreadful path?”
“Um…you could say that.” sniffle
“How about these shoes? They ]don’t look like shoes that belong to someone who’s been on a path like that for so long.”
“My old shoes were dirty and falling apart, I couldn’t walk on this bumpy road with them, a beautiful white bird dropped these next to me to wear.”
“Really?” A white bird you say?”

“Yes, it was amazing! They fit perfectly, I never wanted to let go of my old shoes but now that I have these, I’m glad I did.”
“That must have been a big step for you, right?”
“It was.”
“But you did, and you got out of that darkness too didn’t you? For the love of this delicate flower? You didn’t have any motivation before that right?”
“Yeah that’s right. How did you know that?”
“Well, I could guess, or I could ask you a question. Did you by any chance see that little white bird any other time before he brought you those shoes?”
“Um, no. I hadn’t seen it before then.”
“Think hard, are you sure you never saw something white in the corner of your eyes? Once or twice?”
“I think I used to dream that I would, or daydream.”
“But it wasn’t a dream, that little bird was there all along.”
“Did the bird look a little like this?”
“Yes, that’s the bird!”
“I thought so. You see, this little guy is one of my helpers, and I sent him to go and look after you while you were on that dark path, we saw that you were struggling.”
“Saw me? Really?”
“Yes, I could feel a lost soul out there and I sent him along to find that lost soul, which is you, and I can see what he reports back to me, so I knew you were out there somewhere.”
“I thought if I sent out a seed to flower that would speak to you, you would take a liking to it and maybe grow fond of such beauty that you were beginning to think didn’t exist; Then I believed you would try to figure out that you had to get it off of that dark path, along with yourself, in order for it to survive. And here you are. Excuse me while I thank my friend here.”
“No, wait! Don’t feed him a petal, it’s barely got any left!”
“Don’t worry, more will grow, our friend here likes the petals, he deserved one. Go on now, thanks for your help. You see, you must give in order to receive.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean when you give a flower, or any plant, sunlight and water to survive so that it will grow and one day you can enjoy it’s beauty or taste. When you plant a seed so it can grow; Like how I sent you a seed from the garden in hopes it would bring me your company and my flower back; The way you brought this flower out of the darkness so that you could see it flourish and so that you too could come out of the darkness.”
“Oh…I see, I think.”

“Hold on, you can’t just pour all that water or it will drown, there has to be a healthy balance.”
“It will take some time, it’s pretty wilted. But don’t worry, like I said, she’ll come back to life. You just have to be patient. “
“Just remember, everything that has been buried by dirt, usually comes up shinier, rarer, or more valuable than before, like treasures and seeds.”
“I’ve never thought about it that way…”
“Come, take a walk with me, we’ll talk.”

“So do you still remember the hurt you went through, in the past?”
“I do, but…”
“But what?”
“But I am not sad about it anymore, I mean I’m happy because I know that my pain was real, but I also know it’s possible for it to change, as long as I accept it and believe; And now I really appreciate all the beauties, wonders, and the lovely things around me no matter how small.”
“Well that’s fantastic, I’m very happy to hear that.”
“I’m glad I made it to this place, thank you.”
“And thank you.”
“For what?”
“For not letting one of my flowers wilt before it’s time.”
“But I didn’t know how to not let it wilt, you showed me that.”
“True, but I couldn’t have shown you if you hadn’t made the effort to come here. See, all you need to do is put the effort in, the rest will be shown to you.”
“That makes me feel like everything is going to be okay.”
“It will, you will still experience hard or discouraging times, but you always keep on believing that no matter what, everything is under control.”
“I certainly will, and how could I not, in a place like this, I want to stay here forever!”
“And you will someday, but not now.”
“What, what do you mean?”
“I mean, now, with your new shoes, it’s time for you to continue on your journey.”
“But I want to stay here.”
“Of course you do, but there’s no more for you to learn or see or do here, you have so much more ahead of you. You were trapped in those dark woods a very long time and now that you’re free, there’s things to see, things to do, things to learn, and things to teach.”
“Teach? What would I teach?”
“Teach others what you have learned.”
“Oh I couldn’t do that, I’m not good at teaching and they wouldn’t want to hear me.”
“You don’t know that if you haven’t tried. If you tried to teach a group of people, and only one listened, then that is more than good enough, the cycle will continue.”
“But why?”
“Well tell me this, would you consider what you’ve been shown here, what you learned that got you out of those woods, a gift?”
“Well yeah but what does that have to do with anything?”

“Well a gift like that is meant to be shared, not kept to yourself, because there are many others who could benefit from it, which increases the gift.”
“But still, why me, why not you? I mean you are a better teacher and you helped teach me.”
“Why not you? Okay, I will tell you. Through you spreading this message, a part of me is going along. Some people are more stuck than others, perhaps even more stuck than you were, and it might be harder for them to believe, believe in hope, faith, a possibility…that’s where you come in. They might be able to relate to you, you might be more real to them, than say me or a flower among the dirt or shoes that fall in your path. So when they see you, who was like them and is different now, they might believe that they too, could end up like you, you could be their hope. And yes, I can make my rounds of course, but it would help me for someone like you to help a few others find their way and maybe make it here, then I could focus on those who are no where near anyone and are much harder to reach. Does that make sense to you?”
“I think so.”
“And think about this, if you tell someone what you have learned, even if they are not struggling at the time, you might inspire them and prevent them from getting lost from the start, or they too can pass along your message; There are so many options you have! That’s why it would be a shame to not continue on your journey.”
“Okay, yes I see. Thank you so much. I will pass along what I’ve learned here, but I do hope to see you again soon.”
“We’ll cross paths again someday, but that will be awhile, you have so much ahead of you, until then, enjoy the journey, enjoy your new path.”
“I will!”

Who knew, that one pair of shoes,
could make me start anew.
I was blue, yes,
my life was a mess,
so young, but so stressed.
Now, now I am blessed,
and I confess,
I couldn’t see it at first,
but now I’ve never been more sure,
everything was a blur,
and I felt sick.
But now I have a cure,
and I feel better.
I know happiness,
doesn’t last forever,
and there will still be sadness,
here and there,
but I won’t let it keep me down,
I will still look around.
I won’t be lost,
but I will be found,
and embrace everyday,
with a feeling of gladness,
not sadness.
Look up, instead of down,
and I will always remember,
to be aware of my path,
my surroundings, the sounds, the clues,
and most importantly,
to remember,
when it’s time for a new pair of shoes.

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