What is the Quiet Storm?

1. Who is Bwoy Leven vs. Jahrome?

Bwoy, Leven represents the entity within me that controls production, audio engineering , band arrangement, songwriting, and pretty much anything that  deals with the creative and technical side of the industry.  JahRome is an amalgamation of the qualities that I loved from every favorite Rnb Singer of the past 60 years ,but especially the era of the 90 and 2000s, in terms of their connection with the consciousness of the soul of our community, and how they were able to feed the soul with sound. Jerome with and e- is actually my middle name…so we got “Jahrome in the House”   *Martin Lawrence Voice

2. The project is so consistent and the title is very intriguing. What inspired it?

I’ve always been fascinated and frightened by nature. Its so beautiful and powerful. The project , ‘ I of the Storm ‘ plays off of the title of its parent playlist, ‘ Quiet. Storm ‘, which is inspired by the quiet storm format on radio. I think we need shine more light on songs that represent the quiet storm for the new generations. Watching real life storms and even the figurative storms in the peoples life around me is what helped me to build on this concept.

3. Who are your artistic influences?

Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, Sara Vaughn, Freddie Mercury , Michael Jackson, Sade.

4. You say this is 1 EP of many in this quiet storm era. What is the goal of your current EP?

My goal is that hopefully people begin to embrace the inner and outer storms we all face, and that we all the find the calm or the moment of serenity even when the world around us is ape shit crazy. 

5. What do you do to get yourself out of the darkest moments in life (mental health)?

Meditate, Laugh, Self Evaluate, Pray, Talk to the Creator, Talk to animals.

6. What is your creative process?

Spontaneous lol. My process is always changing my process so I dont get bored.  Keep it fresh, never be afraid to try new things creatively, and also having an ear to what people are vibing to all over the world definitely helps. As a musician, I listen to so many genres that it allows me to have the flexibility to do so. 

7. Last but definitely not least, what is next for Jahrome?

Next….hmmmm there’s a list lol shall I start at the top ? No lol. I am working toward establishing a non-profit organization called the Universal Music Cares Project, helping to improve literacy and education through music, technology, and entertainment.  I also have several music projects coming together for release in 2021. There also maybe a few virtual performances coming,but I will be hush until the time is ready to reveal that information. 

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