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Our filmmakers are all writers at heart. Check out our Writings section for short stories, poetry, series, etc. Continue the story in the comment section below after reading. Click the picture above to link to the writings section.

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Our ELIME podcast is coming soon. Discover new Creatives from all over the world. Click the picture above to link to our Creators.

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Our ELIME playlist is coming very soon. An eclectic mix of artist from all over the world. No limits to genre of music. Click the picture above to link to the music section


Our ELIME films are community based. We worked with professionals, novice, and beginners from CSRA area to produce our first shorts. Mistakes have been made, and lessons have been learned. Only the strongest will thrive. Click the picture above to link to our films.

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Our ELIME reviews: movies, products, art, music, books. We want to share the best of the best with our Creatives. Discover what could work for you or help a friend. Click the picture above to link to our reviews.

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Interview with Callum Oakaby Wright

This was a very special interview getting to talk with the producer of Twas the Devil an indie folklore film. Access is granted to everyone see how a very small knit creative community across the globe with similar intent making it happen by creating the films they love and stories they want to share. ItRead More

Twas the Devil

“See, that’s the difference between you and me, and why you live here and I’m just passing through.” – Bobby Cooper. Set in England’s dark past, Zachary (Simon Cleary), desperately hauls his wife’s corpse towards her final resting place. You – the viewer – guide Zachary and make choices along his journey, as he encountersRead More

It’s Been Awhile…

It’s been awhile… but I promise I wouldn’t go far. You’re too close to home, and I’m reaching for the stars. Still I plant my feet in the ground, growing roots, whispering in the night, letting you know I’m there, with a quiet sound.

“Tell a story, maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not; just spark my imagination, feed my thoughts, and make me dream.”


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We are a group of Creatives that saw the need to bring together all walks of life in the form of art. A subculture with a grassroots approach giving a voice to all Creators.

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