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Our filmmakers are all writers at heart. Check out our Writings section for short stories, poetry, series, etc. Continue the story in the comment section below after reading. Click the picture above to link to the writings section.

ELIME Podcast

Our ELIME podcast is coming soon. Discover new Creatives from all over the world. Click the picture above to link to our Creators.

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Our ELIME playlist is coming very soon. An eclectic mix of artist from all over the world. No limits to genre of music. Click the picture above to link to the music section


Our ELIME films are community based. We worked with professionals, novice, and beginners from CSRA area to produce our first shorts. Mistakes have been made, and lessons have been learned. Only the strongest will thrive. Click the picture above to link to our films.

ELIME Reviews

Our ELIME reviews: movies, products, art, music, books. We want to share the best of the best with our Creatives. Discover what could work for you or help a friend. Click the picture above to link to our reviews.

Latest from the Blog

Interview with Michael DeVore

Today Eli talks with entrepreneur and app creator Michael Devore, he talks about his app and service in the black community coming from the tech industry. His experience working with investors and much more you do not want to miss Creatives!

Interview with John Antaki

A former mechanical engineer found himself back where he started only this time on his own terms. Listen as Mark and John discuss his career as an engineer moving into wedding photography and the desire to explore other forms of creativity.

Interview with Thomas Glover

Today we are talking Thomas Glover. He is the owner and operator of XRO Studios. Glover is a man of many mastered skills in digital marketing, audio engineering, music videos, and producing to name a few. Dive into the interview with Mark Rose and Thomas as they discuss his journey in the entertainment industry, growing theRead More

“Tell a story, maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not; just spark my imagination, feed my thoughts, and make me dream.”


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We are a group of Creatives that saw the need to bring together all walks of life in the form of art. A subculture with a grassroots approach giving a voice to all Creators.

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